How to Match the Furniture for A Small Hotel Room?–Buying Guide

These days, I see many people asking the same question on Quora or Reddit: how to match the furniture for a small hotel room? I smiled at that. It’s not difficult for me to answer that question because I have rich experience in making a clear hotel room furniture design for my clients, and most were happy with the furniture results. To get specific details on choosing the proper furniture for the hotel room, I am going to work out a routine for it, keep reading you will gain more what you want to know.

Small Hotel Room Furniture Design 

The author will use a small room layout by Sketchup to make a full explanation for you to get more clear ideas before starting it out. As you can see below picture, 

small hotel room

the SQM of the room is only 11.39m2, which has to put hotel bedroom furniture on it, and also the balcony corridor can’t block, so it needs to think over the entire layout. As you know, the headboard, bed base, and bedside tables are an indispensable part, and it’s like the fish can’t leave the water; they are a community. Furniture has many modern, simple, luxurious designs, etc. However, small hotel guest rooms are always subject to modern and simple design cause these hotels have 3-star levels or below.

You can see on the opposite wall of the bed is always put the TV table, but the area is limited, so the TV needs to be mounted on the wall. And the table can use the TV shelves instead. It’s not only saving space but cost saving. For the wardrobe, it’s also a necessary part which can put a cloth, hotel bedding, fridge, etc. and plays a very important role on the hotel room furniture, the smaller the room, the tinier the closet. One important thing for the wardrobe, the door open method is required to use the sliding track, not the hinge because the swing door will take up more space when you open the wardrobe. In all, the furniture items in the small room have a headboard, bed base, bedside tables, TV shelves, and wardrobe; these 5 units are your best option. Moreover, the ottoman is a good small piece of furniture which can be instead of the writing chair. Check the below picture to view the finished furniture layout. 

small hotel room

Best Hotel Room Design for Small Room

The above photo shows the furniture layout. It’s almost perfect. Still, only the wardrobe remains problems, the sizes are big so that the cost will be more expensive, as the above mentioned, 30 rooms hotel design is not big, and the hotel level is restricted. There is a fact that most small hotel inventors are eager to return money from the guests. They need to earn a profit as fast as possible through one-time investment. Hence, the room furniture needs to be simple and economical. 1600mm wardrobe width is enough for a small hotel room so that the extra space we can put a small luggage rack and also can be the bench, and both functionalities are useful. 

small hotel room

In conclusion, It’s not difficult to put the appropriate furniture in a small hotel room; as the saying goes, nothing is too difficult if you put your heart into it. If you still have no ideas about how to design your bedroom like a hotel or how to design a hotel room, or how to put furniture in a small room, welcome to send your inquiry to us; our team will help you free of charge. 

If you need free furniture proposal, you can send your inquiry to us, and our team will help you.

Thank you for reading this long article. If you have any good suggestions for it, please leave your comments here or send your inquiry to us.

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