The Chinese Gate is Opening Soon. Are you ready to buy hotel furniture From China?

The day before yesterday, the Chinese government announced very important news that nucleic acid testing has ended, and there is no need to scan the QR code to check the yellow or red code when people enter the supermarket or public space. It’s a good signal for all people worldwide, and they can visit China to purchase whatever items they want soon. It’s been three years since China did not open its gate due to the Coronavirus. No foreign visitors can visit China to buy furniture and discuss hotel furniture projects face-to-face.

Are you Ready to buy Hotel Furniture?

With the loss epidemic prevention policy, are you ready to buy hotel furniture from Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong, China? Maybe some readers are worried that I don’t know how to buy hotel furniture, right? You can click here to view our previous article, and perhaps it can help you better understand when purchasing furniture from China.

The covid 2019 made a huge impact on customers and factories. Government rules restrict Customers, who can only surf the internet to search for the furniture items they like. Still, they couldn’t touch the furniture material, like sofas, chairs, and tables, so It’s hard to decide on the internet. Right? As an author, I fully understand the situation of the customers and suppliers. Custom-made furniture manufacturers were miserable because the showroom didn’t have customers visiting and no orders were being placed, especially for factories that haven’t operated the online shop, such as the google shop, Alibaba shop, or made in China shop.

Hotel Furniture Situation @ customer

One of my clients told me that his hotel furniture project shut down due to the virus, and some building materials were still pending as he couldn’t come to China to check the good quality and factory. He doesn’t believe in online shopping and wants to see on-site. And also, the interior furniture design is still suspended, and he was worried about the covid lasting time. If the virus takes a long time, the hotel will lose money. His best hope is to visit China to check the material quality and place an order.

Hotel Furniture Situation @ factory

The labor force is a big problem for all hotel furniture factories, and they will face bankruptcy if there is no order. It’s an actual thing that happened in China; many factories and shops were closed, and the workers were out of work, so they had to stay at home or find a new jobs. It’s really hard for Chinese manufacturers throughout the covid period. Once the gate is opened, orders will be increased, and all of them will gain new hope and life.

Good Suggestion while buying Hotel furniture

The epidemic has not yet cleared out, and If you are going to visit the hotel furniture factory, you will need to prepare some kinds of stuff as follows,

  •  Surgical mask and disinfectant fluid
  • Febrifuge, antibacterial or Medicine for throat

This article is not finished, we will update it ASAP.

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